Traversing Walls

Traversing Wall – Installed

Traversing Walls can change an outdoor plain wall into a fun and educational area.

Not only do they allow students to ‘let off steam’ at play time but are a fun way to encourage agility, dexterity, counting, colour confidence and spatial awareness but also can be used as part of the curriculum to allow structured games and improve team and pair work.

Due to their design they prevent climbers from climbing more than 0.6m from the ground and therefore can be used with minimum supervision, so great for play time, and no need for any safety matting, (we do advise safety matting for SEN schools).

We recommend traversing walls with 2 or 3 sets of foot and hand holds as this allows the greatest use of the wall to suit all abilities and ages.

Our walls use holds of various size, shape and colour that are fitted into any solid brick wall with special fixings that easily allow the holds to be removed, (we supply a special tool for this). This allows you to easily remove holds to make the wall harder for more experienced users and replace as required.

There are a number of additional holds available, alphabet letters, numbers and over size along with special drainpipe covers that can improve the wall. Please contact us for a cost for these additional items.

An increasing number of schools are having Traversing Walls installed in their hall, sports hall or gymnasium. In order to ensure Health and Safety these walls will require safety padding to protect users of the hall when the wall is not in use.

Option of multi colour or choice of 1 or 2 colours.

All prices include installation.

Traversing wall with 2 rows of hand holds and 2 rows of foot holdsTraversing Wall 1

SHS014I up to 5m £512.09
SHS015I up to 6m £550.14
SHS016I up to 7m £588.20
SHS017I up to 8m £626.26
SHS018I up to 9m £664.31
SHS019I up to 10m £702.37
Over 10m please ask for price.

Traversing wall with 3 rows of hand holds and 3 rows of foot holds

SHS020I up to 5m £607.23Traversing Wall 4
SHS021I up to 6m £664.31
SHS022I up to 7m £721.40
SHS023I up to 8m £1078.49
SHS024Iup to 9m £1135.57
SHS025I up to 10m £1192.66
Over 10m please ask for price.

Please note all prices are subject to distance and plus VAT.

Please note that the above prices are for supply and install into a solid brick wall. In some cases the wall may be made from soft or hollow bricks. If this is the case then special fittings will be required and an additional cost charged. Please contact us for a quote.