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Standard SpringboardStandard Springboard

The standard springboard is popular in clubs and schools and is an excellent quality springboard especially suitable for school, gymnastic club and sport club use.

Carpet covered in blue.

Height 140mm (5 1/2”)

SHS350 Standard springboard £266.65

Please note all prices exclude delivery and VAT.

Junior Springboard Junior Springboard

The junior springboard is an excellent economical option springboard that is widely used in schools and particularly suitable for primary school and club use.

Carpet covered in red.

 Height 140mm (5 1/2′)

 SHS351 Junior springboard £78.78

Please note price excludes delivery and VAT.

Senior SpringboardSenior Springboard

The senior springboard is extensively used in gymnastic clubs and schools and is a superb quality springboard that is the perfect choice for gymnastic club, senior school and sports club use.

Padded and upholstered in blue.

Height 210mm (8”)

SHS Senior springboard £278.52

Please note all prices exclude delivery and VAT.


ActivSoft SpringboardActivSoft Springboard

The ActivSoft Springboard is an ideal introduction to springboards and is aimed at pre school children aged 3 upwards.

Made with lightweight polyethylene foam and a soft vinyl cover.

Size 790mm long x 300mm high x 490mm wide.Weight 5kg

SHS216 ActivSoft Springboard £137.01

Please note all prices exclude delivery and VAT.