Rebound Therapy Equipment

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Rebound Therapy is the phrase that describes the specific ‘Eddy Anderson model’ of exercise therapy which uses trampolines to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for people across the whole spectrum of special needs.

For more information visit which is the website of the official UK body and international consultancy for Rebound Therapy® responsible for the development and delivery of certificated staff training courses with founder Eddy Anderson MCSP Cert. Ed.


77 Rebound Therapy Trampoline

The 77 Rebound Therapy Trampoline has all the features of the Sports 77 School Trampoline with the advantage of our Rebound Mesh bed.

The Rebound Mesh bed is made from a close knit mesh fabric that allows the air to move through the bed but avoids the risk of fingers, toes or tubing getting caught, it can also be quickly and easily cleaned and dried without removing from the trampoline.

The 77 Rebound Therapy Trampoline is supplied with a yellow Rebound Mesh bed and blue coverall frame pads, to aid users with visual impairments, and a choice of regular or Lift/lower rollerstands.

77 Rebound Therapy TrampolineSpecification:

Robust folding steel frame, colour silver
100 steel springs plus corner springs
Option of Regular rollerstands or Lift/lower rollerstands
Rebound Mesh bed, colour yellow
Coverall frame pads, colour blue

Nominal frame size 4.60m x 2.74m x 99cm
Nominal folded size 2.74m x 1.96m x 30cm
Nominal bed size 3.60m x 1.80m

* DELIVERY INCLUDED to mainland UK with surcharge to postcodes North of FK

SHS904 77 RT Trampoline with Regular rollerstands £2309.00
SHS905 77 RT Trampoline with Lift/lower assist rollerstands £2577.00

Please note all prices exclude VAT

We offer a moving, setting up and folding away demonstration service for both trampoline and spotting end decks – please ask for details

Wheelaway Safer Handrail StepsWheelaway Safer Handrail Trampoline Steps

Steel framed steps with padded treads and a single curved end handrail, for access to and from a trampoline.


Robust steel frame, colour silver
Wheels fitted to assist movement
Single handrail which can be fitted to either side with optional second handrail available.
The four steps are in blue and yellow contrasting colours to aid users with vision impairments

* DELIVERY INCLUDED to mainland UK with surcharge to postcodes North of FK

SHS921 Wheelaway Safer Handrail Steps with single handrail £455.50
SHS922 Wheelaway Safer Handrail Steps with two handrails £518.00

Please note all prices exclude VAT


Trampoline Soft StepsTrampoline Soft Steps

Designed by Lorraine especially for accessing trampolines for Rebound Therapy.

These steps are made with a reinforced foam inner with a hard wearing PVC cover and an important feature are the deep treads and low rise steps.

The steps attach to the frame of the trampoline with velcro fastenings, ensuring a secure link but also making the steps easy to remove.

Handles on either side assist lifting and moving, and the Trampoline Soft Steps can be stored on end to reduce the amount of storage space required.

Size 1.8m x 0.9m x 1.0m

* DELIVERY INCLUDED to mainland UK with surcharge to postcodes North of FK.

SHS923 Trampoline Softsteps £676.37

Please note all prices exclude VAT

Spotting End Decks WheelawaySpotting End Decks Wheelaway

Spotting end decks are placed at each end of the trampoline for safety and are also used in Rebound Therapy for mirroring activity and are recommended for all trampoline use.

Made with robust, sprung, steel wheelaway frames and wedged fire retardant PVC covered safety mats. The frames fold down and are used
as a wheelaway trolley to store the mats on.


Robust folding steel frame, colour silver
Sprung uprights
Height adjustable
Wedged fire retardant mats 2.4m x 1.5m x 200mm

Price per pair of frames and mats.

* DELIVERY INCLUDED to mainland UK with surcharge to postcodes North of FK

SHS906 Spotting End Decks Wheelaway, pair £1480.90

Please note all prices exclude VAT

Trampoline Trolley Lifter

Trolley lifters are designed to reduce the heavy lifting associated with folding and unfolding trampolines that have Regular rollerstands. 

When unfolding or folding the trampoline the lifter is inserted under the middle of the trampoline leg and used to raise the trampoline to enable removal or insertion of the roller stands.      

Only one lifter is required for any number of trampolines.

* Delivery included to mainland UK with surcharge to postcodes North of FK           

SHS915 Trampoline Trolley Lifter £192.50

Please note all prices exclude VAT


Victor 2600 Mobile HoistVictor 2600 Mobile Hoist

The Victor 2600 Mobile Hoist lifts high enough to transfer a person to and from a trampoline.

A very versatile and reliable hoist with an excellent lifting range. It will pick up from the floor and will lift high enough to transfer onto high surfaces including a 77 Rebound Therapy Trampoline.

Features include:

Fast and powerful
Designed for intensive use
Removable, long life batteries, (160 lifts), increase autonomy.
Electric leg positioners.
Long life hydraulic lift system.
Drive service life 10,000 cycles or more
Durable and lightweight aluminium and stainless-steel construction with safe built-in motor and mechanical emergency down


Wall plate: 687 x 140mm (27 x 5½”).
Weight Limit: 225kg (35st)

May be used with two or four point spreader bar, supplied separately

SHS930 Victor 2600 Mobile Hoist with battery charger and wall mounting bracket included 

SHS931 Two point spreader bar 
SHS932 Four point spreader bar 

Please ask for information on this product.