Agility Tables & Trestles

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Agility Tables - Nesting Tables
Agility Tables – Nesting Tables

These agility tables/ nesting tables are made with strong powder coated steel frames, non marking rubber feet, and colour coded PVC padded platforms for comfort. They provide various options for use with linking and bridging equipment.

Agility tables/nesting tables stack as pictured to minimise storage space.

The option of a storage/transport trolley is available with the set of 6 agility tables/nesting tables.

Available in 6 heights.  

SHS299 300mm (1′) high Orange £65.49
SHS300 460mm (1’6”) high Purple £71.75
SHS301 610mm (2′) high Yellow £77.95
SHS302 760mm (2’6”) high Blue £100.84
SHS303 910mm (3′) high Green £109.03
SHS304 1070mm (3’6”) high Red £117.27
SHS305a Set of 4 in 300mm, 460mm, 610mm & 760mm high £308.15
SHS305b Set of 4 in 460, 610mm, 760mm, & 910mm high £350.57
SHS305c Set of 4 in 610mm, 760mm, 910mm & 1070mm high £394.97
SHS306 Set of 6 in 300mm, 460mm, 610mm, 760mm 910mm & 1070mm high £528.80
SHS308 Set of 6, as above, complete with trolley £663.56

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 Agility Trestles

These traditional agility trestles are made in powder coated tubular steel and have non marking rubber feet to prevent movement. They have bars on three sides for linking of various linking equipment with the fourth side designed for ease of stacking.

SHS287 610mm high, 940mm long, 560mm wide at base £49.25
SHS288 910mm high, 1040mm long, 760mm wide at base £60.23
SHS289 1220mm high, 1140mm long, 900mm wide at base £70.53
SHS289s Set of 3, 1 each of above £171.01

Please note all prices exclude delivery and VAT


Padded Hexagonal Movement Table


Padded Hexagonal Movement Table

This padded hexagonal movement table has a powder coated tubular steel frame, with non marking feet for stability, and a padded vinyl covered top for comfort.

Size 1220mm (4′) external diameter, 840mm (2’9”) high

SHS309 padded hexagonal movement table £226.33

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lita_logoAgility Tables – Nesting TablesLITA Agility Tables - Nesting Tables

The 5 sided innovative versatile agility tables/nesting tables that provide the option to add linking apparatus to all 5 sides at different heights.

As well as benefiting from the 5 sides they are made from aluminium for lightness and ease of movement, have colour coded well padded tops and stack/nest for ease of storage.

Top size 908mm long x 607mm deep, (291mm at straight edge).

Available in 4 heights.

SHS294 400mm (1’4”) high Yellow £148.48
SHS295 600mm (1’11’) high Green £169.03
SHS296 800mm (2’7”) high Blue £194.23
SHS297 1000mm (3’3”) high Red £204.96
SHS298 Set of 4, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm & 1000mm £698.80

Please note all prices exclude delivery and VAT.

LITA Folding Trestleslita_logoFolding Trestles

The folding trestles are made with strong but light aluminium tubing and have non marking rubber feet. A versatile piece of agility apparatus that is suitable for use with a large range of linking equipment. Available in 2 heights.

Medium folding trestle 1500mm high closed and 1420mm high when open, 670mm wide at base, 620mm wide at top, 1380mm deep at base when open. Weight 8.9kg

Large folding trestle 1900mm high closed and 1800mm high when open, 850mm wide at base, 620mm wide at top, 1380mm deep at base when open. Weight 9.9kg

SHS292 Medium £167.42
SHS293 Large £189.77

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lita_logo Movement TablesLITA Movement Tables

These movement tables are made from strong but light aluminium tubing for ease of movement, with non marking rubber feet, and have hexagonal well padded vinyl covered tops.

Available in 2 sizes.

Small movement table with Yellow top 800mm diameter, 400mm high. Weight 10kg
Medium movement table with Blue top 800mm diameter, 600mm high. Weight 10.9kg

SHS290 Small £226.20
SHS291 Medium £240.00

Please note all prices exclude delivery and VAT.LITA Movement Tables 2